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Let's see how ready you are to become a Climate Change Ambassador... We will play and explore the secrets of climate change!

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Use 50:50 to eliminate one wrong answer… Use it wisely as it will increase the atmosphere's temperature!


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What are the four perspectives that The flourishing Business Canvas describes?

Process, Value, People and Outcomes.
World, Economy, Process and Problems.
Environment, World, Economy and Energy.

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Are you ready to become a Climate Change Ambassador?
With this game you will have the opportunity to find out!

First, take a look at the Green Toolkit.

Second, attend the corresponding interactive learning module.

Third, watch our educational video on the importance of water.

And, finally, play the game!

Get through the articles and find the best ways to take care of the planet by finding the right answers. Make sure to solve the questions before the next climate crisis! And be careful, wrong answers might lead to more degrees in the atmosphere… You will be able to use various tools that can help you make the right decision and earn time! But be aware, those tools are powered by fossil fuels, and the atmosphere’s temperature gets higher once you use them!

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